Welcome To Sampesa

A full-service property investment and project management firm

Project Joint Ventures

If you have a commercial plot, we can finance you 100% to develop.

Property Value Addition

We add value to an existing property at 100% of the total cost.

Borehole Drilling

Get sufficient water at your commercial property at no initial cost.

Property Management

We give up to 6 Months advance rent to property owners at a low interest rate...

Our Process in Project Funding

This is the first step of our process. You prove that you own the plot by producing the title deed. Thereafter, a feasibility study where an engineering firm do the land assessment to see whether the location can work for the project.

In the second step, is checking the drawings like dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods and techniques. If you don't have the drawings, we can pay for the architectural work up to 70%.

The final step is where we construct the building and we manage it through lease agreement.

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